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One Faith, One Family

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

"And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself" (John 12:32). Whether we are new to the Catholic Church or have been members for many years, Christ continually calls us every moment of our lives.

As we deepen this relationship with Christ, we become more aware of His boundless love and presence in and around us. He knows what is best for each of us and guides us in the way we should go, in the work we should do, and in the manner we should spend our time. If we but listen, we find ourselves embracing the tasks and work of daily life that make up our vocations. For some, Christ asks us to accept a call to love and care for a family. For others, Christ calls us to live as single adults in pursuit of an avocation and career. And for still others, we will hear Christ's call to become diocesan priests, permanent deacons, or religious sisters, brothers, or priests.

Christ knows each of us intimately and constantly knocks gently at the door of our hearts. Our local Church - the Catholic Diocese of Memphis in West Tennessee - provides ministries and programs to help us draw closer to Christ. And beyond our parishes and diocese, He asks us to help others who do not yet hear His call. Your contributions to the Bishop's Annual Appeal will support ministries and programs to help us all answer Christ's call.