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"My reason for giving to the Bishop's Annual Appeal boils down to the Bible adage – "to whom much is given, much is expected." That doesn't just mean money. Using our treasure of time lets us give back to the Church through service as, for example, Eucharistic Ministers, lectors and ushers. But it also means that we do our part to fund diocesan projects such as feeding hungry people. I am especially moved that the Appeal supports Parish Religious Education programs and diocesan Catholic Schools. Programs require funds to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our fellow Catholics." Frank Lamanna

"I give to the Bishop's Annual Appeal because of all we accomplish in our diocese. I feel good especially about our Diocese when I talk to people from elsewhere. I love Our Lady Queen of Peace Retreat Center and am very happy given my past participation in the Cenacle group which preceded opening of the Retreat Center. I also admire the work of the diocesan Liturgical Ministry – with its many fine teachers and classes that have helped the diocese for several years. And I am proud of Bishop Steib because, like Pope Francis, he is forward-thinking in his outreach." Jane Antrobus

"I support the Bishop's Annual Appeal because it touches so many lives in our diocese. Every member of my family has been touched by programs that are supported by the Bishop's Annual Appeal, and we want others to have the same life-changing opportunities our family has shared." Deacon Chip Jones

"Jesus told us to help less fortunate people, so I feel it's my duty as a Catholic to share some of the treasure God has given to me so the Church can serve the poor. Jesus also told us to share the Gospel and I feel that all diocesan programs reach someone who needs Christ. I am glad that the Bishop's Annual Appeal funds ministries for the growing Hispanic community, pays for our future priests' education, and supports ministries to students and young adults. These ministries focus on the future and strengthen the Church for what lies ahead." Julio Avilés

"We support the Bishop's Annual Appeal because it is an opportunity to unite as a community and answer Christ's call to love our neighbor. Our diocese is generous and engaged in the Mid-South where many needs exist. From our Catholic schools and social services to helping support families, new priests and religious vocations, we know that the Bishop's Annual Appeal plays a crucial role in strengthening so many of our ministries that help bring the light of Christ to our community." Jenny & Hunter Sharpe

"As the director of the Office of Vocations I support the Bishop's Annual Appeal because the Bishop is committed to seeing happy and holy priests formed for the Diocese of Memphis. We are currently blessed with 25 seminarians, five of whom will be ordained to the priesthood this summer. Because the Annual Appeal assists our future priests with tuition, room and board, health care, and other expenses, I invite you to join me in supporting the Bishop's Annual Appeal." Fr. Patrick Gallagher

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Msgr. Peter Buchignani – Chairman

Bishop J. Terry Steib, SVD

Deacon Jeff Drzycimski

Chris Koch

Tom Dorian

Judi Herbers

Fr. Pat Gallagher

Fr. Johnnie Smith

Fr. Russ Harbaugh

Eddie Koonce

Marilyn McCracken

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David Zaleski

Lori Burnett

Jared Montegut

Fr. Jacek Kowal

Chris LeBlanc

Stephanie Schadrack

Emma Conroy

Angela Albonetti

Through our diocesan ministries, largely supported by our Bishop's Appeal, we can reach so many more people than any one parish or any one individual could on their own.

Revenue generated via the Bishop's Annual Appeal funds both immediate and long-term needs of the diocese. Many ministries and services are currently assisted by the appeal.

Where and how your gifts to the Bishop's Annual Appeal are used:

  • Parish Religious Education for children from grades 1-8 and the administration expenses of the Catholic Schools;
  • Youth and Young Adult programs designed to engage teenagers, college students and young adult parishioners;
  • Education of seminarians and deacons;
  • Family and NFP ministries help to build a solid faith foundation resulting in healthy marriages and families;
  • Adult Spiritual Formation including the RCIA, Divorce and Grief support ministries;
  • Evangelization to share the word of God with Catholics who want to return to their faith home;
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace Retreat Center, a place for reflection and contemplation of our divine creator;
  • Prison Ministry brings Christ to people in need of God's mercy;
  • Villa Vianney for priests in retirement;
  • Catholic Cemeteries, a final resting place on hallowed ground where we await resurrection.

People throughout West Tennessee rely on the Catholic Church for help and assistance. The services and ministries sponsored by the Diocese of Memphis provide the means necessary for those who need help in so many ways. The diocese provides ways for people to get back on their feet, or have the quality education needed for a better future for their children, or the training necessary for building stronger faith communities, or the formation required for preparing strong leadership in our clergy, young people and laity alike.

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