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Use of the archives for research:

The Margaret Haaga Archives of the Catholic Dioceses of Memphis in Tennessee is a private archives to which access is restricted as follows:

  • Because of severe space limitations and incomplete computerization of all records, at present the Archives are not available for research use by the general public.
  • As time and other duties and responsibilities permit, the archivist will attempt to accommodate requests for historical information concerning the diocese and/or Catholicism in West Tennessee that is available in the Archives.
  • Permission to use the Archives for any research must be obtained from the Office of the Chancellor. Requests for such permission must be made in writing to the Office of the Chancellor and must contain information on the type of work envisioned and the reason for needing access to these archives.
  • Unprocessed collections are not available for research.
  • The use of certain documents may be restricted by statute, office, origin, or by request of the donor.
  • Use of archival material must be overseen by the archivist in a designated area.
  • No letter, memorandum, or document written by a person still living may be quoted, paraphrased, or used in any manner without the written consent of the author.
  • The Archives may have possession rights of materials over which it does not hold intellectual rights. Therefore, quotation or paraphrasing of materials should be checked with the archivist or the Chancellor.
  • The researcher must assume full responsibility for conforming to the laws of libel and literary property rights in the use of manuscripts and other archival material.

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