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SBA students learn at leadership workshop


St. Benedict High School student leaders were treated to an inspiring and energy-filled Saturday morning, Sept. 7, with international speaker Harriet Turk. Harriet, a resident of Memphis, has undergraduate and master's degrees in criminal justice,  has worked as a probation officer, youth programs coordinator and as a national traffic safety consultant. For more than twenty years, Harriet Turk has challenged her audiences to think seriously about their life choices. In a world peppered with indifference, complacency, and difficult decisions, she offers a unique and fresh perspective regarding leadership, loyalty and living fully. Powerful, engaging and insightful, participants leave her programs with a clear, practical, message about healthy lifestyles believe in yourself and the value of your life. Harriet pulls no punches and connects with her audiences because she "tells it like it is." As inspiring as her message is, Harriet doesn't give participants unrealistic hope. By reinforcing the concept that we all possess personal power, participants learn that while they might be in charge of their choices, they don't always get to choose the consequences. Learning how to cope with failure and try again are essential. Turk shows how to "Just Deal With It!"  

This leadership workshop is one of many team building and leadership activities SBA students enjoy during the year.

Jan 18, 2019

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