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Daughters of St. Paul launch new online community


The Daughters of St. Paul are pleased to announce the launch of their online community for spiritual companionship called My Sisters. This online community is dedicated to helping its members meet Christ and experience his love in daily life. The Daughters of St. Paul have started this initiative to assist anyone seeking spiritual guidance and connection. The content and advice from the sisters will help anyone find answers or salves to the deepest desires of their hearts. The sisters, your sisters, will prayerfully draw from their personal, lived experiences of God and rich Catholic heritage.

The community can be accessed from or from the Facebook page From either platform, members will have access to live streams, videos, articles, and testimonials that will help them connect with God. They will also have the chance to watch live streams of prayer or discussions with the sisters. This community is not just about content: it’s about connection. The sisters will provide personal and accessible guidance for members each week. Together, the community will experience deep companionship with one another in their journeys to God.

Content will be pided by topic and theme and will include contributions from Pauline cooperators, priests and clergy, and expert Pauline Books & Media authors with unique and valuable faith perspectives. Members will have access to a wealth of new insights, prayers and opportunities for companionship. Anyone can join My Sisters for an introductory month for $1.

The goal of this virtual community is to forge connection, provide spiritual mentorship, and above all live together in Christ. Sr. Kathryn James Hermes said, “I’ve been blessed to have lived with these sisters for almost 40 years. I hope you’ll let my sisters be your sisters.”

Oct 19, 2018

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