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Richie Contartesi Speaks to St. Francis of Assisi School Middle School Students on Bullying


Richie Contartesi, a youth motivational speaker and #1 best-selling author of “In Spite of the Odds” spoke with SFA 5th-8th grade students this week about bullying. He shared his personal experience of being bullied when he was in 5th grade and the affect it had on his life. He explained why some people are bullies and what students should do if they are being bullied.

He also introduced the formation of a new club at SFA, the Tidal Wave Kindness. The purpose of the club is to encourage students to help build up those around them by focusing on the positive and not allowing others to distract them from achieving their goals.

Mr. Contartesi earned a full D1 football scholarship at Ole Miss and started his own successful business from scratch. His true passion is giving back to our youth and now travels the country inspiring youth with his message of perseverance and hope.

Jan 18, 2019

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