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The Annual Commercial Appeal Sports Awards honored two St. Benedict at Auburndale senior athletes with prestigious awards


On Tuesday, June 5, Three-sport athlete Catalina Carrasco was presented the night's Leadership Award.

Catalina has a number of gifts and talents that make her stand out from many others. One of those being her tireless work ethic, which she demonstrated everyday both in the classroom and on the field. Catalina Carrasco is extremely disciplined in her approach to athletics. Being a three-sport athlete (soccer, basketball and track), she stretched her possibilities and competed at the highest level in the state. She dedicated her entire high school career to pursuing excellence through athletics. She was a member of a Final Four Basketball team and also has had several state appearances in track. This year, she won the Region 100 m dash, achieving a season personal record in the accomplishment.

Catalina's work ethic is the catalyst for her natural leadership qualities, as she captained many of the teams she was on over her career.


Soccer and basketball starter Lily Gleneck received the I Am Sport Award.

This award is presented to the Memphis area athlete who is an inspirational role model and impacts our community in a positive way off the field. This person is nominated by someone in the community. Lily has been a volunteer coach for Pee Wee soccer at St. Francis School for the past two years. She has taught the girls, not only to play the game, but also the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Lily also volunteered as a basketball coach for grades K-1, mentoring these girls and teaching them to. Not only love the game of basketball, but how to become good teammates, how to handle winning and losing with class and how working together for a common goal can relate to many areas of their lives. Both in the world of sports and academics, Lily continued to give back to the community.

Dec 07, 2018

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