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Two St. Francis students earn honors in the 2018 Wordsmith Writing Olympics

By Lisa Jones, Director of Print Marketing

Zoe Vales and Joseph Opferman.


Zoe Vales and Joseph Opferman.

March 5, 2018- The Wordsmith Competition sponsored by the University of Memphis’ Department of English, brings 200 middle and high school students from 30 area schools together to test their writing and creative thinking skills with a series of quick writing exercises known as dashes. These dashes include a 40-word dash that asked students to describe an object without actually naming it. The 80-word dash asked students to create a narrative of events depicted in an interesting or unusual photo. Students also participated in a 120-word dash that asked them to write a persuasive letter to the editor about a topic suggested by news headlines. Seventh grade student Joseph Opferman earned an Honorable Mention in the 120-word dash and won first place in the 400-word Main Event. Seventh grade student Zoe Vales earned an Honorable Mention in the 80-word dash. St. Francis of Assisi School won second place overall.

Dec 07, 2018


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