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Diocese of Memphis Catholic Schools
For the Scholar. For the Spirit.

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Welcome to Diocese of Memphis Catholic Schools, where we prepare students for life.

We're happy you'd like to learn more about a Catholic education. For more than 175 years, our schools have a rich heritage of providing a faith-based education to students in West Tennessee. There are 8 parish elementary schools and 1 diocesan High School and one parish unit (k-12) school. Here, you'll learn more about the type of education our schools provide:

Experience Our Schools

A Catholic education helps parents develop young people who lead by example, serve others and excel academically. Affordable tuition and financial assistance make it possible for any student to experience this development at our schools.

It's easy to visit one of our campuses or learn more about a school. We welcome you to learn more about the schools your family is interested by contacting each schools directly.


Students experience strong academic growth through rigorous curriculum, including instruction in core academic subjects and daily religion classes. The programs also integrate arts, health and technology, with honors, dual enrollment and AP opportunities available. Programs for those with special learning needs are offered at many of our schools. Students at all grade levels enrich their experiences by taking part in the camaraderie of sports, clubs and community service projects.

In 2018, our graduates outperformed students nationally on every ACT test, and they were awarded more than $74,9 million in merit-based scholarships. Our small class size -which averages from 15 to 22 students - allows each teacher, faculty member and principal to provide a supportive atmosphere where the student feels valued as a part of the school family.

Spiritual Development

Each student's spiritual development is nurtured through a values-based education that follows the teachings of Christ. Students of all denominations and faiths are welcome, and each student has the opportunity to practice faith virtues through workship and service. In addition to daily religion classes, students may further their spiritual development through adoration, daily prayer and community service involvement.

List of Schools

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Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Mrs. Janet M. Donato

(901) 373-1219

Director of Athletics (PAA)

Mrs. Sondra Morris

(901) 373-1219

Director of School Counseling / Social Work Services

Dr. Colleen Butterick

(901) 373-1219

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Tallie Hodges

(901) 373-1219

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Educating our youth in truth for the honor and glory of God and for the salvation of souls.

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