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Polish/Korean Marriage

Rev. Kazimierz Abrahamzyk, S.V.D.

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Vietnamese Marriage Preparation

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On behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Memphis, we congratulate you on this most joyous occasion of your engagement to be married. It is an honor for us to join your “journey of faith” as you begin the process of marriage preparation. May God bless you as you prepare to enter into the Sacrament of Matrimony.

The marriage preparation process is a multi-phased and collaborative effort under the direction of our local parish communities and the diocesan Office of Family Ministries.

Diocesan guidelines for the Sacrament of Matrimony:

Step One: Six (6) months to a year before your wedding date, contact your parish priest. You can expect to meet with the priest or deacon several times to complete and go over the Pre-Nuptial Marriage Investigation; take the Foccus survey; go over results of the survey; and to plan the liturgy for your wedding day. If you have a former marriage you will need to receive a Declaration of Invalidity before a wedding date can be scheduled.

Step Two: Register for the diocesan marriage preparation class. This class is designed as a tool to help you and your fiancé prepare for a lifetime marriage. We highly recommend you attend the earliest class possible before your wedding date.

Step Three: Register and attend one of the diocesan Natural Family Planning Class series (NFP). Natural Family Planning is an all-natural method, scientifically based on the woman’s patterns of fertility and infertility. It promotes romance, respect and communication between husband and wife. It can deepen the intimacy between you and your spouse, strengthen your relationship and give you peace. Click here for the NFP Program.

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