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Advertising: Faith West Tennessee

Advertisers who request ad placement in an edition of Faith West Tennessee understand that their advertisement is being placed on their behalf according to the information supplied on the submitted advertising reservation form. The advertiser is also agreeing to accept billing for ads appearing during the month shown on the completed and submitted form, except where prior payment is made. [An electronic funds transfer authorization form is available to facilitate payments. Complete the form and mail to Faith, 5825 Shelby Oaks Drive, Memphis, TN (381) 347-389.]

Advertisers also understand that ALL customers are expected to submit payment at the time of their ad placement, unless specific credit arrangements have been made. Advertisers acknowledge that any ad will cease running if an advertiserís account is 30 days or more past due for any and all ads.

Cancellations made after the deadline will be billed as if the ad had appeared.

Faith West Tennessee is not responsible for errors in materials supplied by the advertiser, or in ads published according to advertiser's approval. Faith shall not be liable for any errors beyond a credit for that portion of an ad found to be in error, nor for failure to insert an advertisement. Faith reserves the right to reject any advertising deemed objectionable.

Faith does not accept political ads.

Faith accepts cash or checks payable to Catholic Diocese of Memphis.

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Phone: (901) 373-1213