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Jubilee Catholic Schools

Building a solid future for our children and our community.


  • The Jubilee Catholic Schools Network represents an unprecedented example of urban Catholic schools re-opening to serve predominantly low-income students via significant need-based scholarships.
  • The Jubilee Catholic Schools Network serves approximately 1,600 students a year across nine schools—eight elementary schools and a middle/high school.
  • Sliding-scale tuition and need-based scholarships make a high-quality Catholic education broadly available.
  • Bishop Steib recently established a new “Jubilee Catholic Schools Network” within our Diocese to provide greater cohesion and support in our Jubilee Schools and Memphis Catholic Middle/High School.
  • All students are welcome. 87% of students are economically disadvantaged. 94% are racial minorities. 30% are Catholic, and 70% come from other faith traditions.
  • In the 2014-2015 school year, Jubilee students scored above the national average in reading, language, and math on the Iowa Assessment Core Composite as determined by Riverside Publishing Company’s Estimated Growth Report, and our kindergarten students are reading at the 92nd national percentile.
  • In January 2015, the Jubilee Catholic Schools Network announced that all Network schools would be transitioning into a 200-day, year-round school calendar in order to better serve its students. This calendar will provide students more time for learning and less time for forgetting.
  • Jubilee scholarships follow students to all Catholic middle schools and high schools in Memphis.
  • Jubilee Catholic Schools are known for trailblazing at the national level:
    • “... It has been a great joy for the people of Memphis to watch excellence spread. And I want to thank those who have put forth the money, and call on all citizens to find ways they can contribute with their hearts to help educational entrepreneurs succeed.” - President George W. Bush
    • “He [President Bush] was very impressed... with the fact Memphis has been able to do something most communities haven’t, which is to reopen these wonderful schools in neighborhoods where the need is so great.” - Barbara Hyde, President, J.R. Hyde III Family Foundations


Educating our youth in truth for the honor and glory of God and for the salvation of souls.

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