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Resurrection Elementary

PreK-6th Grade

About Us

Resurrection is the newest Jubilee school, providing a high-quality Catholic education to children since 2005. To support the desire of our families for their child to have an excellent school experience, we offer need-based scholarships to students/families who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford a high-quality Catholic school education. We opened with a class of Kindergarteners in the fall of 2006 and have added a grade each year (plus PreK along the way) to reach our full school size of PreK-3 through 6th grade.

At Resurrection, our Catholic identity is at the core of who we are as a school. Our school is predominantly Catholic, and many of our students and their families are parishioners at the Church of the Resurrection. It is our shared faith that draws many families to Resurrection.

We pride ourselves on our diverse student body, and we honor and celebrate this diversity as a community through special events drawn from many traditions. For example, we mark Dia de los Muertos with an altar that all students are invited to contribute to, at Christmas we recreate Mary and Joseph’s journey with Posadas y Piñatas, and in February we have guest speakers as part of our Black History Month celebration.

The school follows the curriculum guidelines for all Diocesan elementary schools and offers a rigorous education to prepare our students for success in their continued academic careers and beyond. We offer Title I services during the day and a Title I after-school program of reading and math tutoring for Kindergarteners through 6th graders.

As a Jubilee Model school, Resurrection is able to offer need-based tuition scholarships.

Before and after care makes it possible for working parents to leave their children at Resurrection from 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. so that parents know their children are safe and well taken care of all day long.

A school counselor provides counseling and referral services. Resurrection participates in the USDA Free and Reduced Cost Lunch Program.

At Resurrection our goal is to help all our students grow academically, spiritually, and personally in a warm, supportive community.


The educational program offered at Resurrection Catholic School is Christ-centered. Through our curriculum we aim to instill intellectual curiosity and expand the child’s academic knowledge, emotional maturity, social well-being, and moral and spiritual growth. In a loving environment, children are nurtured and parents are encouraged to become involved in the child’s learning process.

  • Language Arts: Students have an hour and 45 minutes to two hours of Language Arts instruction every single day. To meet the needs of all our learners, students may be in a Title ELA class, an ESL class, or in-classroom enrichment during some of their Language Arts time.
  • Math: Students have an hour to an hour and a half of math instruction daily. One math class period daily includes whole-class instruction, while a second math class provides differentiated small group instruction on particular skills.
  • Science and Social Studies: Based on our research into what works best for our students, we have adopted a schedule whereby students have science every day for one week and social studies every day for the next week. We have found that having a full period for one subject every day for a solid week in alternate weeks is better for retention than having a little bit of science and some social studies every week.
    Students love our new history curriculum, which for our sixth graders is newspaper-based. Every week, students receive a newspaper with articles about the history they are studying at the time. The approach develops students’ interest in history and introduces them to key themes and topics that run throughout history, rather than focusing heavily on details at the expense of concepts.
  • Religion: We have Religion classes four days a week, and Mass every Friday. In second grade, Catholic students are prepared (in cooperation with the parish) for First Holy Communion. Service is a large part of our Religion curriculum at all grade levels.
  • Special Subjects: Resurrection has a vibrant enrichment program. Students of all ages study art (in classes taught by teachers with art degrees) and music. Every day they also have PE or recess, during which they play games outside. In addition, our 5th and 6th graders have a “club period” and get to take School Newspaper, Chess, Recorder (instrumental music), Chinese, or Drama. We also offer an after-school violin program taught by a volunteer. Currently, eight 3rd graders are in the program, using student violins that we bought this year. We hope to grow this program in the future.
  • Services for English Language Learners: Many students come to us speaking Spanish and not English, so our teachers for our two main entry grades (PreK-3 and Kindergarten) are bilingual to help provide our students with a welcoming environment and a smooth transition into an English-speaking environment.
    We offer English as a Second Language classes for Kindergarten through 6th grade, in small groups of five to seven students. ESL classes meet three times per week, 30 minutes per class for our younger students and an hour per class for our older students. ESL classes use the Rigby On Our Way to English curriculum, which supplements the Language Arts instruction that students are receiving in their regular classes.
  • Title I: For those who qualify, we offer free Title I services during the day and a free Title I after-school program of reading and math tutoring for Kindergarteners through 6th graders.
  • Technology: We have computers in most classrooms to help teachers to integrate technology into their instruction. We also have an iPad cart that is used each week by every classroom. We currently have two SMART Boards, and we are raising funds for projectors in every classroom.
  • Study Skills and Self-Management: We teach our students the habits of good students, including organization skills and note-taking skills. Our 5th and 6th graders change classes and use lockers, providing them with the opportunity to learn to work with different teachers and travel from class to class—experience that sets them up for success in middle school.


"Jesus Christ is risen! Jesus Christ is with us!"

– Resurrection Catholic School motto

At Resurrection, our Catholic identity is at the core of who we are as a school. In our faith-filled environment, students grow in their knowledge and love of God and in their practice of the Catholic faith.

Mass: Every Friday, our school community comes together for Mass. Each class prays together throughout the day.

Religious Education: We have Religion classes four days a week. In second grade, Catholic students are prepared (in cooperation with the parish) for First Holy Communion. Students of all faiths are taught Catholic traditions of prayer and worship in an atmosphere that respects the faith tradition of each student in the classroom.

Special Events: A Halloween parade of saints, Posada y Piñatas during Advent, and other events throughout the year mark feast days and occasions in the liturgical calendar.

Community Service: At Resurrection, we know you’re never too small to help others. When you think about somebody besides yourself, it makes you feel good at the same time that it helps them. Our commitment to community service is a natural outgrowth of our Christian faith. An annual Day of Service involves students in all grades in giving back to the school, the city, and the nation. At a recent Day of Service, our youngest students, aged 3 years old, dusted the pews in our church and made Thanksgiving cards for MIFA. Our oldest students—5th and 6th graders—made baby blankets for Birthright and cleaned their offices. Other grades decorated pillow cases for soldiers in Afghanistan, after we learned that soldiers often go a whole tour of duty without getting to wash their pillow case. Others made treat bags for nursing home residents and bologna sandwiches for the soup kitchen at St. Mary’s.

Get Involved

Students, attend our school! Resurrection welcomes applications from all students for PreK-3 through 6th grade. Call us to learn about applying to our school and to find out about financial aid opportunities.

Teach at our school! We are always looking for great teachers and other staff members. To apply to teach, click here for the Diocesan application and also contact us directly to learn more about teaching at Resurrection.

Parents, volunteer at our school! Resurrection’s parents are a vital part of our school community. Call our office to learn more about joining the PTO and additional ways you can help our school. All volunteers have a background check and participate in VIRTUS training to help us ensure the safety and well-being of all our children.

Community members, support our work! We are tremendously grateful for our volunteers and for the donations of individuals, foundations, and corporations that make possible the work of Resurrection and all Jubilee Schools to give students the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed in a faith-based environment regardless of their socioeconomic status. Call our office to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Student Life

School Traditions: Although we are a young school, Resurrection builds and celebrates community through many special school traditions.
At Halloween we have a parade with everyone in the whole school dressed up as a saint. This sparks some great conversation about the saints. Sometimes we have to remind students that a Red Power Ranger is not a saint…though maybe the costume has potential to be repurposed as St. Michael!
We mark Dia de los Muertos with an altar that all students are invited to contribute to, as a way to remember and honor those we love who have died.
At Christmas we recreate Mary and Joseph’s journey with Posadas y Piñatas.
We have guest speakers as part of our Black History Month celebration. A recent favorite was an actress who dressed up and performed as Harriet Tubman, telling stories of her life.
In the spring, Field Day brings together students of all grades and their families for games and a picnic. A new tradition is to have our 6th graders, who graduate the day before, give back to the school as new alumni by helping run Field Day.

Field Trips: We know that learning and growth take place in a host of ways, both inside and outside the classroom, so we take our students on learning and community-building field trips whenever possible. Recent trips have included the zoo, the theater, the Jubilee 4th, 5th, and 6th grade field day, and the Jubilee Christmas program.

Family Involvement: Our students’ families are an integral part of the school community. Every classroom has two or three room parents who provide snacks, help the teacher with special events, and contribute to the room in other ways. We also have parents who are part of “Anderson’s Army,” the principal Mrs. Anderson’s team of people who help the school as needs arise, whether by doing a landscaping project, helping in the office, or some other way.

After Graduation from Resurrection: Many of our students will go on to attend Holy Rosary, Bishop Byrne, and Memphis Catholic. We help our 6th graders to find school placements that are right for them and their families.

Spanish-language Resources: In addition to ESL and services for our students learning English, we also are dedicated to communicating effectively and respectfully with our Spanish-speaking families. Many staff members including our school leaders, secretary, and receptionist speak both Spanish and English. For school meetings, families who need translators are able to choose the bilingual staff person they feel most comfortable with to translate. All written communications from the school sent home to families are written in both English and Spanish.

Before and After Care: Before- and after-school programs enable participating students to be at school from 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. This schedule enables many parents to drop students off on their way to work or school and pick them up on the way home and know that they are safe and well taken care of all day long.


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